"After seeing the pews on my wedding day, I was one happy bride!! After Will & I had our first look pictures, we both sat in the pews to catch our breath and take in the whole scene." - Bride Lindsay -  Photo by www.simple-color.com Pews by www.rentpews.com

"After seeing the pews on my wedding day, I was one happy bride!! After Will & I had our first look pictures, we both sat in the pews to catch our breath and take in the whole scene." - Bride Lindsay -Photo by www.simple-color.com Pews by www.rentpews.com


What's special about P.E.W.S.:

"After working with PEWS on several weddings, I wish I had them at every wedding. There is something about watching the bride and her father walk down the aisle surrounded by beautiful, vintage pews that tugs at your heart strings. The PEWS are the perfect combination of traditional and Southern yet soft and romantic. Take one look at your ceremony site while envisioning the beautiful pews, and your vision will be forever changed."

- Wedding Planner, Meghan Cease,

M. Elizabeth Events

"My great aunt told me just yesterday that no matter how much I paid for the pews, it was soooo worth it. She started crying talking about how beautiful they were. She said while she was sitting waiting for the ceremony to start, she was just thinking about where all the different pews had come from and who used to sit in them at the different churches they came from. She absolutely loved the idea that they were all different and probably had several stories to each one."

- Bride Jamie -


What I would say to brides considering pews:

"Please, please, please spend the money on pews. When I first saw the price I was a little bummed, but I knew I couldn't have my ceremony without them. They seriously make everything about the wedding perfect. To look back at pictures and see them makes me so happy! I would also say use PEWS just to simply be able to work with Rebecca and her team. They are the most loving and sweetest group of people I have met!"

- Bride Bailey -

My reaction when I saw

the pews set up:

"Oh. My. Gosh!! (Mouth agape, chills, and tears in my eyes) They were ah-MAZING and EVERYONE commented on how beautiful they looked sitting in that field.      I couldn't be happier with the decision I made. "

- Bride Somer -

When comparing church

pews to chairs: 

"For the Southern bride who revels in tradition, there is no better option for ceremony seating than pews. Having the antique pews at the wedding ceremony reminds guests of what an incredible worship service the wedding ceremony really is. The pews also give a level of formality which often times, chairs cannot."

- Wedding Planner Meghan Cease,

M. Elizabeth Events -

To any bride looking for pews:

I would choose church pews a million times over for my ceremony again. It was a blessing to work with PEWS and Rebecca. She was there to answer any questions I had at anytime. Rebecca sent me a photo of the set-up of the pews the day of the wedding when I was getting ready. I greatly appreciated this small touch because the bride can get a little controlling.

- Bride Anna -


"Rebecca was incredible to work with, and made sure we were able to have her beautiful pews all the way down in New Orleans!! We constantly still receive compliments on how beautiful they were and we are so grateful to have worked with a worry free company who know how to make a brides day feel more than special."

- Bride Dawn -


"The pews were so beautiful and really brought a church feel to our outdoor ceremony. I still have people complimenting me on them and asking where they came from. Great vendor to use! So glad I found them."

-Bride Ivy -

When planning my wedding I knew:

" I wanted an outdoor wedding: casual, natural, with a touch of spunk and personal touches. I also loved the look and feel of a traditional church wedding. Once my mom stumbled across the website, I was in love, and not just with my future husband! P.E.W.S.'s eclectic mix of vintage pews would be the perfect partner for the beautiful plantation home. It was a chic outdoor wedding with a touch of southern church charm!"

- Bride Britt -


"I promise you will not be disappointed with your decision to rent pews from Rebecca and her team at P.E.W.S. Not only are the pews the perfect touch to any wedding, but Rebecca is so easy to work with and wants to get to know you and truly understand how you envision your wedding. She is not just someone you'll do business with, but someone you'll soon call a friend. Oh, and after your wedding she will leave a heart warming gift for you and your new spouse. :)"

- Bride Somer -

I was the director for an outdoor ceremony that Rebecca and P.E.W.S. were contracted with to deliver pews. I couldn't say enough about how great it is to work with them! Rebecca is so accommodating and easy to work with. And her staff is completely considerate of the location, importance of the event and the venue restrictions. I can't wait to work with them again!

- Wedding Coordinator, Julie, Invision Events -