White Washed Pews

This set is our oldest pew from a back country church in Cairo, GA. They are have a White Wash finish with slated seats and the backs.

There are 18 pews that seat 5-6 each, a total of 100 guests








Golden Oak Pews:

  This set of pews comes from Macon, GA. They are 10 feet long, solid wood, and are our largest complete set. 

There are 24 pews that seat 7 each, a total of 168 guests.








New York Pews

This classy set of pews is from Hilton, New York. They are 11 feet long and do have newly reupholstered cream cushions.

There are 12 pews that seat 7 each, a total of 84 guests.






Colonial Pews

These pews hail from Kansas City, MO. They are our longest pew at 12 feet, and made of Mahogany wood. 

There are 14 pews that seat 8 guests each, a total of 112 guests. 







Mobile Pews:


This set of pews came from a sweet church in Mobile, AL. They are 8 feet long, solid white, with no cushion.

There are 30 pews that seat 5 each, a total of 150 guests and if you add in 10 more of our 12 foot pews that are the same style you can seat 230 guest with this pew!






Or pick out your favorite pews and do a mixture!