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Why should I use P.E.W.S. for my ceremony seating?

    Everyone agrees that the ceremony is the most important part of the Wedding Day. Having our authentic church pews creates an elegant foundation that sets the scene for the whole day. The guests will be pleasantly surprised by the beauty and thoughtfulness that our pews bring to the ceremony.

What will it cost?

     We create a custom quote for each inquiry we receive. The final rental cost depends on the type of pew(s), how many pews, which pews are available, and how far away the wedding will be. For a smaller wedding werecommend that the budget have at least $1,000 to cover seating.  The cost then rises depending on the previously mentioned variables.

How does delivery work?

    Our pews cannot be outside overnight. This usually means that we deliver the morning of the wedding and then load them up after the ceremony or reception. 

How far does P.E.W.S. travel?

     We are happy to bring our beautiful pews as far as they are needed. We mainly serve the Southeast but are able to do weddings anywhere in the U.S. Please let uscome up with a custom quote that best fits your wedding!

Do you have enough pews for my wedding day?

    We have enough pews to seat over 500 guests. This means that even during the busy season we can provide brides with options and styles!

Can I use the pews for my reception?

    Yes, we would love that! They are a great way to add extra character and seating to your party.