1 Week till An Artfelt Event!


Seven days and counting till we see what amazing Birmingham Wedding Vendors have in store for pew decorations and wedding designs inspired by local art. There will be free food, free drinks, free cake, and live music starting at 5:30 at Bridgestreet Gallery and Loft on Wednesday, September 3rd.


The work of Jayne Morgan, Gina Hurry, Augusta Cole, Wellon Bridgers, Mary Liz Ingram, Liz Lane, Carrie Pitman, and Mary Margaret Binkley will all be on display, for sale, and interpreted into a pew decoration and wedding design! An event like this has never been done before and we can't wait to for the creativity and inspiration to begin!

Check out the variety of paintings:

Thanks to our Amazing Sponsors:

And Good Luck to our talented vendors!