"It was more perfect than I imagined!"

We couldn't be happier for this beautiful bride and groom to have such a special wedding at an amazing, historic venue in Birmingham. This great option for a rain plan has an awesome industrial feel, which was made more intimate with our New York pews. Sloss Furnace is such a unique venue and we can't wait to hear more about their new venue sight. Thank you Morgan Trinker photography for the great photos and Rachel Gaudel for the lovely florals! We are so glad to have served Christine and Kevin and we wish them the best in their marriage!


What was the convincing factor that made you realize you needed pews at your wedding? 

They are beautiful! I was going for an industrial/vintage look and the pews were the perfect amount of elegance that Sloss Furnaces needed. 


What was your first reaction to seeing the pews at your ceremony? 

It was more perfect than I imagined!

Christine and Kevin s Wedding-Reception Details-0013.jpg

What would you say to brides who are considering having our church pews as a part of their ceremony? 

It is a beautiful touch and totally worth it. Pews allowed me to have my ceremony where I wanted but still bring in that church element that completed the look and feel I was after. 


Of all the compliments you received on your wedding, what was your favorite one about the pews? 


So many people complimented the pews. The original location of my wedding was changed at the last minute because of rain. The ceremony and reception had to be in the same place but the pews really allowed for the ceremony to feel like it happened in a different location. After the ceremony the crew moved them out and changed things around so fast! It was wonderful! People were really impressed by what the pews added to the space at Sloss Furnaces!