"The pews themselves did all the talking..."

Let's talk about the perfect Tennessee Wedding.  This sweet family was such a joy to work with from the moment they contacted us till the beautiful photos were sent to us with a sweet thank you note! I absolutely love the mixed match style they used our White Washed pews. Please enjoy these lovely photos from Zipporah Photography. Please read below to see what Ansley thought about the pews at her wedding. And definitely see more of Ansley and Ryan's wedding on Zipporah Photography's Blog.

What was your first reaction to seeing the pews at your ceremony?

My first reaction was how beautiful the white pews looked against the green grass and green trees.  I loved the chipped off paint.  I didn't want the pews decorated...the pews themselves did all the talking.  They were the perfect setting for the style of my wedding.

Of all the compliments you received on your wedding, what was your favorite one about the pews?

No one could believe that we had brought church pews in for the seating.  Everyone kept asking where they had come from.  Everyone loved how they looked, but they also loved sitting on the same row with each other rather than individual seats.  They also loved the paint-chipped, rustic look of the pews for the wedding.

Looking back, are you glad you chose to have pews at your ceremony? Would it have been different without them? 

 Yes, I'm definitely glad I chose pews for the ceremony.  It gives the ceremony a different look rather than chairs because it's much more unique and rustic.  It would have been much different without them, and I know I would have regretted not having them.

What would you say to brides who are considering having our church pews as a part of their ceremony?

 I would say..."Go for it!"  I know it may be a bit more expensive than renting chairs, but it's definitely worth it!  The look is much more unique than chairs and I'm so happy that I decided to go with pews!