"P.E.W.S. were an easy choice!"

Seersucker suits, dotted swiss wedding dress, and white washed church pews - what could be more gorgeously Southern than this sweet wedding. Joanna Ballentine did an amazing job at Water Oaks Manor in Auburn, Alabama. Please enjoy these lovely photos and the bride's response to such a perfect wedding ceremony! Congratulations Sarah and Steven - hope you are enjoying married life!

What was the convincing factor that made you realize you needed pews at your wedding?

We had our wedding and ceremony at one location with everything outside. We did not want to use the same chairs and have to move them over to the reception after the ceremony so I wanted to find an alternative. Plus, I did not care for the overall look of the white plastic chairs either, and I wanted something that separated the two events somehow and added to the beauty of the overall location. P.E.W.S. were an easy choice! 

 What was your first reaction to seeing the pews at your ceremony?

I watched the P.E.W.S. being set up and saw the beginning stages of them being placed at the venue so I thought I had an idea of what they would look like. However, I was totally blown away! They absolutely made my entire vision for the ceremony come together! I tell my mom all the time how magical it made everything feel and I'm so thankful she got them for us. 

 Of all the compliments you received on your wedding, what was your favorite one about the pews?

My favorite was how it was such a great fit and compliment to the overall venue, like they were meant to be! We got married at an antebellum home in Auburn, AL and had the white washed P.E.W.S. They looked so amazing in the space and made the atmosphere of the ceremony totally different from the reception at the back of the home.  

 What would you say to brides who are considering having our church pews as a part of their ceremony? 

I would tell them to go for it! If budget is a concern, like it was for us, we made having the P.E.W.S a priority. They truly gave a setting and foundation to the ceremony since it was more open. The overall look was absolutely beautiful! Having the P.E.W.S. is one thing that will set your wedding apart. Also, having the traditional element of the church in our wedding was appealing since everything was outside. The P.E.W.S. offer the perfect balance between something old and traditional to something new and unique.