"It was the Perfect Day!"

Now that this Gorgeous wedding has made its appearance on Weddings Unveilved's Blog, we can now share it from our perspective! Getting to work with Mary Me Brides is always a good thing and meeting a new and talented photographer friend, CWF Photography just made the day perfect. We brought a record breaking amount of pews to this wedding: 80! The mixture of all five styles perfectly matched the eclectic, Southern charm that our sweet bride Sara was going for. They also wanted a very large aisle so that all of their wedding guests could circle up and pray for them  in the middle of their first walk down the aisle as husband and wife - how powerful is that! We loved everything about this wedding and wish this amazing couple all the best! Please read Sara's responses about our pews below.

What was the convincing factor that made you realize you needed pews at your wedding?

       We discussed various options, including just using chairs or having our guests stand up, but pews seemed like the best way to have seating while also keeping an intimate atmosphere at our wedding.  That was very important to us, because we wanted our guests to really be part of the wedding, instead of sitting on separate chairs, and we figured that the pews could still be spaced far enough apart to allow for everyone to get out of their seats and move toward the aisle during the prayer time we had planned.

What was your first reaction to seeing the pews at your ceremony?

        We loved them!...They looked fantastic!  When we got to the actual ceremony, the pews looked even better- the spacing was perfect, and the aisle was large, like we had requested, so everyone could move in together and pray over us.  


 Of all the compliments you received on your wedding, what was your favorite one about the pews?

            One of my grandmother's friends commented on how Christ-centered our wedding was, which was exactly what we had hoped it would be.  She said that the whole congregation praying in a group along with worshiping to "In Christ Alone" went perfectly with the "outdoor church" feel.  We are thankful that God received the glory and that the pews could help with that.  It was the perfect day!