Q&A with: Wesley and Emma

Talk about a couple that's as sweet as the tea we drink around here - Wesley and Emma are the young couple behind W&E Photgraphie. We've worked with them a handful of times and the joy they radiate is contagious, which is exactly the type of folks we like to keep around. This week, we caught up with the married duo to talk about rainbows, butterflies, sunshine ... and wedding photography. [caption id="attachment_530" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Wesley, by W&E Photographie Wesley, by W&E Photographie[/caption]

A picture-perfect love. Before Wesley and Emma enrolled in the same black-and-white photography class at University of Alabama, they were self-proclaimed hobbyists. "Our love for photography kind of blossomed at the same time as our love for each other." Four years after they first started learning and really pursuing photography, they took the leap and opened their own business.

Why weddings? The avid travelers are doing the only thing they know to do that allows them to combine a love of travel and visual storytelling. Hopping across states ain't no thang, and this year they'll start photographing weddings abroad, too! "Capturing emotions, making friends, telling stories, and eating wedding cake once a week" is a pretty good motivator, too.

[caption id="attachment_532" align="aligncenter" width="560"]Emma, by W&E Photographie Emma, by W&E Photographie[/caption]

He says, she says. While a treasured memory for Emma is a time, after shooting a wedding in Texas, when they put their cameras down and swam in a watering hole with their couple's family and friends, Wesley has a different highlight. "Nick Saban gave me his cell phone to hang on to at his son's wedding. I didn't make any phone calls, but it was pretty cool," says the Crimson Tide fan.

Sweet home Alabama... W&E is based in good 'ol Birmingham, which Texas native Emma has come to really love. Wesley, who's been in the state his whole life, says it's finally growing on him, too - although it's hard to compare to yearlong stints in Spain and Costa Rica.

...and European dreams. Should photography disappear (the horror!), Wesley would jump right back overseas and work with locals in some way, shape, or form. Emma would provide sustenance in the form of her childhood dream: "a quaint, European-style bakery."

[caption id="attachment_533" align="aligncenter" width="560"] by W&E Photographie[/caption]

Don't they make you want to drop everything and chase your dreams?! Oh, and don't think we forgot to ask about their favorite pew. Both love the New York.