Bright Idea: lace up

Lace has always been a classic bridal choice, even if it's never made it to "trendy" status. Enter Kate Middleton, who probably (definitely) first put it back on the radar. Now, as we consider winter weddings and their elements, lace is back in the picture - big time. Check out a few of our favorite ways to incorporate it into even the most modern soiree. Let's start with the biggest statement: a vintage lace veil/headpiece. We super love this twenties-inspired look. It'd be perfect for a wedding in the dead of winter, don'tchya think? For some reason, we see this veil and think of stone, moss, fog, an outdoor fireplace at the reception...

[caption id="attachment_519" align="aligncenter" width="560"]from Glamour & Grace from Glamour & Grace[/caption]

For a subtler take, investigate lace shoes. Again, these have always existed, but now there are more options than ever before! We especially love these booties that manage to be trendy and classic, delicate and fashion-foward all at once.

[caption id="attachment_520" align="aligncenter" width="554"]from Taylor Made Soirees from Taylor Made Soirees[/caption]

Alright alright, maybe lace is great to look at but just not your jam. In which case, you should absolutely still incorporate it into your decor. Look at these understated bench accents (which you know, of course, would look infinitely cooler on a church pew). This could go as a table runner, too, or even inspire abstract decor (think wrapping a few tree branches in lace or hanging chandeliers from chains with lace interlaced (heh) throughout).

[caption id="attachment_521" align="aligncenter" width="400"]from Intimate Weddings from Intimate Weddings[/caption]

And finally, if you don't trust our hankering that lace is cool again, bhldn's selection confirms it. Our favorite accessories are the clutch - perfect for your rehearsal dinner - and the Queen Anne's Lace necklace. Such a unique piece!

[caption id="attachment_526" align="aligncenter" width="298"] both images from BHLDN[/caption]

What do you think? Which lace would you choose?